Treating Alcoholism
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There are many treatment options available today that will help you recover from alcoholism and get back to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Detoxification is procedural and involves initial assessments, treatment, and management of acute withdrawal symptoms which include tremor, insomnia, seizures, sweating, nausea, and delirium. In most cases, medications are prescribed to help manage withdrawal symptoms. Research shows that acute seizures linked to excessive drinking occur within 48 hours after drinking ends and can be observed in approximately 90% of alcoholics. Approximately, 5% of alcoholics present repeated episodes, which may lead to epilepsy.

  • People who misuse alcohol also may misuse illicit or prescription drugs for similar reasons.
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  • The Intensive Outpatient Programs are for patients who understand that they are dependent on alcohol, or other substances, and have taken the initiative to seek treatment.
  • Patients who do not require the close medical and nursing attention of the Inpatient Treatment Program can enter the Day.

Research is important in showing the decreased oxidation ability among women compared to men. Decreased oxidation in women explains why alcohol remains in the blood system for longer among women than men. Consequently, alcohol has the ability to cause liver cirrhosis among users, and in adverse cases, patients are likely to undergo a liver transplant.

Does My Insurance Cover Rehab for Alcohol Addiction?

Clients can expect compassionate care from our best-in-class alcohol addiction specialists. For many people, recognizing they are struggling with alcohol addiction can take years. When they get to this point in their addiction, it is important to seek residential treatment for their alcoholism before it spirals any further out of control. For options in the Valley, learn about the best alcohol rehab centers in Arizona by calling The Hope House’s admissions team today. Inpatient rehab for alcoholism has client move into specific location for treatment. They receive intensive talk therapy and alternative therapies to confront their alcohol addiction.

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CADCs provide individual and group therapy to help people living with addiction. They’re trained in counseling, relapse prevention, and helping patients recognize patterns and make healthy changes. Encourage your loved one to be evaluated by a physician or therapist.

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There is a growing body of evidence connecting alcohol use to conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Some of the conditions that are linked to brain damage due to excessive alcohol consumption include memory loss and interrupted personal behavior. Damage on the right hemisphere of the brain as a result of alcohol consumption is also linked to issues in verbal problems, visual problems, and poor judgment.

Both addiction and mental illness also have common risk factors, another explanation for why they often co-occur. Medication alone does not provide the most effective sober house results for an alcohol addiction. Physicians strongly recommend medications be paired with ongoing therapy to solve the physical and mental causes of addiction.

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If you haven’t confronted your loved one about their problem, it’s time to have that talk. Meanwhile, seek advice from a substance abuse counselor or family therapist about how to get your loved one into a residential alcohol rehab facility or an intensive outpatient program. Once alcohol and drugs are out of your system, both the individual in treatment and medical professionals are able to assess your current baseline.