» Rotary Die Cutting vs. Flatbed Die Cutting: Which Should You Use?

Die cutting is frequently used to fabricate unique shapes from rubber, plastic and paper materials.

Before starting a die cutting project it is important to discuss all specific project requirements — including whether rotary die or flatbed die cutting is the best fit for the job. Each cutting method has its own distinct benefits based on production size, costs, and material.

What is Rotary Die Cutting?
Main Benefits: Holds tight tolerances and ideal for kiss cutting

Best Used for: High-volume orders

How It Works: Rotary die cutting, a highly accurate cutting method, is very cost effective on high-volume orders and produces less waste compared to other methods.

What is Flatbed Die Cutting?
Main Benefits: Provides a more cost-effective option with lower tool and die costs

Best Used for: General cutting and low-volume orders

How It Works: With flatbed die cutting, material shapes are stamped out using steel rule dies and hydraulic presses. This method allows for easy hole removal and web removal from parts, along with quick changeover times to increase efficiency.

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